UNI DESSERT Chilled Dessert

Brand Introduction

UNI DESSERT offers fresh and delicious classic desserts, especially chilled Chinese and Western desserts and sweet soups. Moreover, you can go to the 7-Eleven convenient store to satisfy your demand for sweets. It is committed to provide consumers with high quality and delicious desserts, as well as demonstrating its brand philosophy of delicious and high quality desserts.


Create fresh and delicious Chinese and Western desserts to satisfy office workers' desire for desserts.
Products include custard, panna cotta, grass jelly, brown sugar tofu pudding, lemon aiyu.

Sweet Soups:
Co-brand with well-known stores to develop delicious and classic authentic local sweet soups.
Products include taro soup with coconut milk, red bean and purple rice soup, mung bean and pearl barley soup and others.

More new flavors of sweet soup will continue to be developed.