About Tait

Century of dedication – unwavering persistence

Tait Marketing and Distribution Co., Ltd. (德記洋行) was founded in 1845, mainly engaged in the export of granulated sugar and tea. Subsequently, it started importing various consumer goods and performed the important role of a trade agency that established deep roots in the Taiwanese market over the years. Now with a history of more than 150 years, it has borne witness to the history of Taiwan’s export and trade and continues to provide consumers diverse, high quality living experiences.

We are the perfect partner for foreign brands because we help them to grow and prosper in Taiwan. Brands that everyone are familiar with, including: Heineken from Holland, Gillette razors from the US, Durex condoms from the UK, Brand’s Essence of Chicken from the UK and Nestle coffee from Switzerland etc. have all been introduced to Taiwan by Tait (德記). Despite several changes to the brands distributed, Tait (德記) has upheld our persistence for over a century to become the most professional consumer goods sales platform and offer the best products for different regions in order to satisfy and surpass customer expectations.

Drink Responsibly. Don’t Drive To Drink.