Vision & Mission

Century of dedication – unwavering persistence


Text: Tait (德記) Marketing and Distribution Co., Ltd. represents a fusion of Western and Eastern cultures. Using the surname of the company’s founder James Tait (德記) from 1845, it symbolizes Tait (德記) employees’ emphasis towards the company’s heritage.

Logo: The round exterior and square interior of an ancient Chinese coin reminds Tait (德記) employees to uphold the spirit of “smooth and courteous relationships with those outside the company and a conscientious, careful internal attitude towards work”.

Color: The traditional Chinese indigo dye color is natural, simple and unadorned, representing clients and consumers’ trust towards Tait (德記) employees.

Vision of Tait


To become the most professional consumer goods sales platform in the Asia-Pacific, so as to offer the best products for different regions, thereby fulfilling and surpassing customer expectations.

Mission of Tait


Continue to develop potential consumer needs in order to generate the highest sales performance and profit for our clients.

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